Share to learn tutorials and how it works

All courses are composed of two distinct parts. A home work phase called the "Online phase" and the "Class phase". You'll work through core lessons at home during the online phase and reinforce this knowledge attending the class phase.

Online phase

Upon enrolment you'll be sent a user ID, password and website address to the "Share to learn" website. When logged in you'll have access to the course material which includes five half hour video lessons. technology courses oxfordshire You will need to watch all the videos. You'll also have direct access to the course tutor via this website allowing you to get help as soon as you hit any problems.

Also upon logging in you will be shown the subject that you will need to prepare a five minute tutorial on. This will be a random designation, a subset of the subject matter taken from one of the five videos. The idea is to encompass the essence of your given tasked lesson within five minutes. By preparing a lesson it enables reinforcement of your studies before you attend the class session. Where you will get to teach the other attendees your finished tutorial.

technology courses oxfordshire

Class phase

The class room phase will begin by covering the five areas discussed in the videos from the "The online phase" stage.

Half hour will be given to each associated area with a typical scenario or problem connected with the subjects discussed in the videos. This will involve working through associated questions, building small projects or other similar practicals, dependant on the given course taken.

Each of these five time slots will end with an attendee providing a tutorial on their given designated subject. After each five minute attendee tutorial all attendees will have a 10 minute analysis of that subject.

There will be a single short 15 minute tea and sandwiches break in the middle. These timings will vary, although the aim is to make sure all the five subject areas are covered.

The combination of attendee tutorials and working through the problems each attendee has had trouble with, along with the self teaching via "the online phase" allows for a very productive learning experience.

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Technology courses in Oxfordshire

Tutor Trainer

The training is led by Kevin O'Brien who has has a degree in Electronics and an Honours degree in physics from Kingston Polytechnic. His initial background was in parallel computing at Harwell Laboratories in Oxfordshire with the company CFX. His passion is to train others to master technical subjects through the powerful and successful technique of teach to learn (LDL) pedagogy.

technology courses oxfordshire technology courses oxfordshire

How do I enrol and how much will it cost?

The classes for each course are designed for a small group of five attendees only so enrolment has been kept very simple. To enrol just contact us through one of the course page's contact forms or ring on 07739351114. The course fees are shown on the course pages. Once you have made contact you can then make an initial payment for any course of 50% of the course's fee. You'll then get sent a user name and password. So with a simple phone call and initial payment completed, you can start watching the video tutorials immediately.

Each class phase is given on a fixed specified date. This is normally the same day for the same course each month. So if you feel your not ready for the first class session you can just continue studying using the online phase until you are ready.

In the week before the class room session begins, the remaining 50% will then be paid through the "Share to Learn" website or using BACS or even a cheque by post. If, after having made a final payment for any reason you can not make it on the given day, you can simply attend any future one that is scheduled, without having to pay anything extra.