Learn electronics with one to one sessions

For those who prefer a more directed style of tuition. The one to one sessions are an ideal way to get a deeper understanding of electronics. If you do more than one course then each new course builds upon previous course knowledge and will be adapted to fit in with your own pace of learning.

One to one tuition sessions

The one to one sessions are the ultimate way to learn electronics in depth and quickly. This is different to the main course in that the classroom session is strictly one to one without other students in attendance.

Each course below gives you four weeks access to the share-to-learn website and 4 hour long skype sessions with the tutor. As well as the two hour practical class session in Abingdon. Much of the course material and instruction guides will be provided to you via the share to learn website. So your time with the tutor via skype and in the classroom session will be far more productive.

This system works by utilising the online resources and then resolving any problems during the skype and class sessions. The class sessions primarily involve building real circuits that are central to each course.

Prices for one to one tuition

All course prices are listed below. There is a 20% discount for a block booking if you book three or more courses.

How to get on a course

If you want to enrol onto any of these one to one sessions or would like more information just use the enquiry form to the right of this page. We will then get in touch with you to go over all the options.

  • Arduino for Beginners (Course Price £140)

    A course to show how the arduino micro controller platform works by using it to develop a light detector, a voltage detector and a musical note player.

  • Basic Electronics for Beginners (Course Price £140)

    A course to teach you the basics of electronic circuits by the construction of an audio amplifier.

  • Raspberry Pi Programming Course for Beginners (Course Price £170)

    A course to develop a small graphics program for the flight of a cartoon style plane. It will also show how the Raspberry Pi can also be used to operate external LEDs by building a set of vehicle traffic lights from LEDs.
    (Note: This course also includes a micro sim card that will be posted out to you with all the required code)

For more information on these one to one lessons or any other questions you might have, just fill in the form below.

Tutor Trainer

The one to one training is led by Kevin O'Brien who has has a degree in Electronics and an Honours degree in physics from Kingston Polytechnic. His initial background was in parallel computing at Harwell Laboratories in Oxfordshire with the company CFX. His passion is to train others to master technical subjects through the powerful and successful technique of teach to learn (LDL) pedagogy.